About Us

Membership to PUNISHERS LE/MC is earned, you CANNOT buy our Colors. ALL our members must serve a Prospect period the length of which is determined by dedication, hard work and commitment to the Club. This period not only ensures that the Prospect and the Club are right for each other, it also allows the Prospect time to receive guidance and education in the values and ethos of PUNISHERS LE/MC.

Members are welcomed from all CIVIL and MILITARY Law Enforcement Agencies. Membership is strictly for those bikers who hold or have held a power of arrest, with a proven record of serving to protect either in a CIVIL or MILITARY Law Enforcement Agency.

Punishers L.E.M.C. is a Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club whose members consist of current Law Enforcement, retired Law Enforcement, Firefighters, active EMS personnel, active and retired Military and a select few “like minded” individuals. All of which, possess the highest moral and ethical values; uncompromised integrity, trust, and dedication.

Our world-class Brotherhood shares a common bond to meet as a group and ride motorcycles. We take great pride in our dedication to our families, our work, and our club; camaraderie; love to ride and ride skillfully; loyalty and Respect for one another.

Our members are united in their support of all public safety officers and their families. We are active in numerous charitable causes and fundraising efforts, particularly those which benefit police officers, firefighters, and their children. As well as supporting the efforts of other law enforcement motorcycle clubs.

We associate with other L.E. clubs but also Respect the rights of all clubs. We claim no territory. If you fit into any of the above categories…come ride with us.